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Understanding Gen Z: How an Agent Can Keep Current

Posted by RealNex on Feb 26, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Anywhere you look, the focus is completely on Millennials. All the current tips and tools are made to target this audience, keeping you up-to-date on today’s greatest fads. As people are scrambling to fit themselves into the Millennials box, they forget to look ahead. After this, what’s coming next?


Quickly approaching the limelight is the newest group, named Generation Z. The stars of tomorrow, Generation Z makes up 25% of the U.S population with nearly 74 million members. They’re larger than the Baby Boomers and the Millennials, so we can be sure they’ll change the game.

Agents need to be looking towards tomorrow in order to stay active. Now is the time to start adapting the way you do business, so you can deliver exactly what Gen Z expects from their agents.


In order to help Generation Z meet their real estate goals, agents need to be able to keep up with their inherent speed. This generation is loaded with expectations for high efficiency. Since they are constantly bombarded with updates and upgrades, having to wait doesn’t work for them.

Gen Z processes information faster than any other generation, so it’s important that agents can respond as efficiently and quickly as possible. Gen Z needs agents that can make things happen quickly and wrap them up neatly.


Generation Z is a group of ambitious dreamers who work to make their aspirations into reality. Rather than going with the flow of how things are, they strive to shape industries to better fit their needs. Gen Z is an incredibly independent generation which is attracted to innovation and entrepreneurship.


That being said, expect Gen Z clients to come to you with big ideas and never-before-seen theories. As an agent, it’s important to always respond with an open mind and do your best to keep the idea alive. Don’t try to iron out the plan into something more easily swallowed, and avoid making it ‘black-and-white’.

Agents who try to force Gen Z to fit into the norm will most likely lose their client. Gen Z is quick to drop something if it’s not satisfying, offering no second chances. Gen Z expects agents who are loyal and supportive to them, not vice-versa.


When attracting Gen Z clients, you’ll need to use out-of-the-box marketing tactics. Studies show this generation responds to edgy advertisements, not the traditional approach. Short, high-quality visually stimulating ads work great — especially videos that resemble social media creations. Agents should have a social media presence established by strategically designed graphics with hip concise information.


As an agent, the goal is to ensure you are a necessary component for Gen Z to attain their real estate ambitions. One of the best ways to achieve this is to appeal to their love for technology. Technological tools are going to be more important than ever before since Gen Z was born in the most mechanized era of history.

By using an online portal like RealNex, you’re offering everything they need in a language they understand. RealNex consolidates every facet into one concise platform — so it’s direct, organized, and successful every time. Since you make the process easy, you become an agent who is indispensable. Click here to learn more and begin your journey into the future.

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