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Posted by RealNex on Feb 7, 2022 9:00:00 AM

Nearly 8 years ago RealNex was born with a vision to create a complete end-to-end solution for the commercial real estate industry – what we like to call the Commercial Real Estate Operating System. At inception, we acquired three leading CRE tech companies and quickly added two more. It was a lot of work to upgrade, consolidate and integrate those companies and their applications. In 2020 we launched RealNex Navigator, fully realizing our vision and delivering to the market a complete end-to-end commercial real estate technology solution.

Today, RealNex delivers the most powerful, purpose-built commercial real estate CRM developed from the ground up, not an application layer attached to a third-party CRM that has no understanding of real estate. We have an advanced investment and lease analysis program, interactive tenant rep tour book and leasing application, an amazing and highly customizable presentation builder, a virtual deal room with seven security levels, and an efficient marketplace complete with email campaign management. The benefits of a complete solution are great, but we also deliver it at the most affordable price.  With our focus on configuration rather than customization and our proprietary on-boarding technology, users can be operational almost instantly.

You don’t need to take our word for it though.  By moving to RealNex Navigator, clients like Moody Rambin, a leading Houston regional brokerage, have enjoyed 80% adoption and 50% reduction in IT spend…talk about ROI! Hear a bit more about their story.

While others have recently started to talk about and chase our vision, trying to morph from a point solution into a more complete offering, we have already delivered a complete operating solution. What’s more, we will soon deliver optimized data clients need to prospect most efficiently. Stay tuned for even more exciting advances, as we remain dedicated to continuously enhancing transparency and efficiency in the CRE industry.

Contact us today to learn why so many companies like CBRE Canada, Moody Rambin, Worth & Associates, Sperry CGA and KW Commercial have made the move to RealNex – the complete, most affordable commercial real estate operating solution available.


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