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It's Time to Spring Clean Your CRM

Posted by RealNex on May 25, 2021 9:45:00 AM

Spring cleaning isn’t just for your home. Taking the time to organize your business before spring and summer roll around is a best practice for any business management. When it comes to real estate, there’s one area that can use a little TLC as spring and summer take place — your CRM. 

There’s nothing more important for a successful real estate business than maintaining strong relationships with your clients. Having a robust network that’s constantly growing is at the core of a thriving CRE practice. In terms of your tech, this translates into an optimized digital CRM platform. 

To make the most of your CRM’s potential, it’s time to perform a CRM spring cleaning. Here are six tips for cleaning your CRM to get it in shape for the rest of 2021. 

Clean Up Your Contacts

First things first, you’ll want to scroll through and clean up your contacts. At this point, you can take note of key areas that need attention as you get deeper into the spring cleaning process. Adjust anything that catches your eye, such as a misspelled name or an incomplete contact profile. 

Starting the process by skimming through CRM to perform a quick clean-up on your contact lists will help guide the next steps.

Organize Your Sale’s Data

Your CRM is filled with priceless data on sales, but you’ll want to clean up how and where it’s being stored. Any data that’s not directly relevant or outdated should be moved into the appropriate folder so it’s not cluttering your contacts. If there is prominent data, perhaps for an active client, make sure that it’s prioritized for easy access. 

Make Sure All Information is Current

Your CRM isn’t going to be functioning at its maximized potential if the contact information isn’t current. Old phone numbers, emails, and addresses for the people in your sphere should be cleaned out of your platform to avoid dead-end outreach. Replace what you’re deleting with current and updated details. 

Tag Your Prospects to Create Categories

Separating your network into client categories can help your CRM become more effective. Tagging clients as buyers, sellers, active, past, and so on can help your business target your sphere according to their specific needs. Your clients will appreciate the special consideration in terms of content and marketing. 

Establish a Standard Contact Model

An organized CRM follows a template. Your CRM should have a standard model which outlines the format of each contact. This will make it easier for you to access information quickly, as well as maintain a clean and tidy CRM. 

Include Social Media Information

If your CRM doesn’t already include this, considering adding in the social media handles for your clients. Keeping track of who’s in your social media network can help you grow your online community and foster networking opportunities. 

These six strategies will enable you to focus on automating, cleaning, and planning out your CRM to set yourself up for success.

With RealNex CRM you can easily address these 6 strategies and a whole lot more. By using codes and pop-up tables you can assure data integrity and consistency. The Duplicate Checker swiftly consolidates multiple entries and gets rid of clutter. While with Global Replace you can easily consolidate multiple Contacts under Companies. You can even add marketing Timelines to put targeted follow-up plans and routines in place to convert data into deals.

To learn about our end-to-end solution, including our efficient and user-friendly CRM, explore our products. For more real estate tips, visit the RealNex Blog

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